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    • Amanda says...

      I love jewellery with meaning. It makes it so much more valuable when it is given or received as a gift

      April 23, 2017

    • Jennie says...

      We planted a garden with my mother in law. She loves performing act of service with others so this was very meaningful.

      April 18, 2017

    • Diana Z says...

      I have not recieved a lot of mother’s day gifts. This would be wonderful!

      April 18, 2017

    • Brooke Carter says...

      The best mothers day gift I ever received was a bouquet from my husband. It wasn’t made of flowers, but of hearts taped to sticks in a vase. On the hearts were all the reasons he loves me…..I love it and I look at it daily. I turn the vase every so often so I can read different things. It is still sitting on my dresser and it was from 2 years ago!

      April 18, 2017

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